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For the first time in three decades, the United States has passed immigration reform. Our border will now see only trace amounts of drugs sneak through it. Our border is now vacant of desperate children and families. The teamwork and American fortitude our United States Congress put forth in getting our southern border issue fixed changed world history. After thirty years our border is finally supported by more man power, more technology, and more efficient court systems.


If this seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. We find ourselves in this position because Representatives like my opponent Debbie Lesko and others would rather use our immigration issue as a wedge to divide voters and protect her own re-election than to do her job and provide a comprehensive solution beyond using billions of taxpayer dollars to fund a wall that a majority of Americans oppose and can be defeated with a ladder. There have been several attempts at achieving rational immigration reforms since 2010 and she has yet to vote in favor of a single one of them.


My name is Michael Muscato and I’m running for United States Congress against Debbie Lesko in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. I have a solution for our southern border and here it is:


First, we must recognize the problems with our immigration system cannot be solved through punitive measures alone. Security, trade, labor, tourism and asylum management are key components of any nation’s immigration policy and they must be considered together, not individually. A piecemeal approach is what caused this problem in the first place and we should not repeat our mistakes.


Second, we must rethink how we staff and where we locate ports of entry to ensure we have sufficient resources to do the job properly. This means funding adequate numbers of border patrol officers, immigration officials such as judges, case officers, and more healthcare workers.


Third, we fund the modernization of our entire immigration system, including visa application and management, and border inspection technologies, so we know who is entering our country, and that our immigrants and employers are following the law and border officials are able to detect and prevent illegal drug trafficking.


Lastly, we must recognize that not everyone who comes here to work wants to become a US citizen. By revising our visa system, we will eliminate the perverse incentives and deficiencies in current law that encourages immigrants and employers to break our civil and criminal laws. Improving the visa system alone will ensure that immigrant workers pay taxes that support schools, public services, and our national defense. We must also provide a mechanism for the undocumented, such as DACA recipients, to obtain legal status allowing them to come out of the shadows and contribute to our economy legally and without fear.


Not only will the above provide solutions to this very dynamic political and national issue, but it will also provide the United States with a major economic boost and fund many national programs which currently lack tax payer dollars to protect and secure for the long term.


Like you, I want my elected officials to be providing solutions to our problems, not just collecting their pensions and annual salaries while complaining about the issues they are supposed to be fixing. I look forward to serving all of you as CD-8’s next Congressman.

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